Autocross- RMSOLO SCCA Colorado National Tour and ProSolo

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Autocross- RMSOLO SCCA Colorado National Tour and ProSolo

Postby jamiel » Sat Jun 04, 2011 9:14

Time to sign up for some exciting upcoming RMSOLO/SCCA National Tour autocross events hosted locally here in Colorado at PPIR!

SCCA ProSolo July 9-10
SCCA National Tour July 30-31

National Tour events are two day events where you run one course 3x on the first day, a different course 3x on the second day, and your best time on each course is added together with low overall time determining class winner.

ProSolo is a hugely exciting form of autocross- two drivers race head to head on mirrored courses from a dragrace start (complete with tree). The finale includes single elimination runs across classes with handicapped starts. Prosolo gives you 12 runs across two days.

- great socializing Friday and Sat nights
- You can camp overnight at PPIR
- Fast drivers from all over the region and country attend, so you get to see how you really measure up as an autocrosser ("not DFL" is a good goal for a first time Tour attendee ;) )
If you've not attended a national event, give one a try!

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Postby G-Man » Sat Jun 04, 2011 9:14

This would be a massively awesome event to attend no matter what your driving experience level!
Tons of autocross track time! More than that, you'd be among the local (very supportive, helpful) autocrossers who want you to join them and some of the nation's very best solo drivers.
It's truly something you want to see - and even better to participate.

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Postby roninsoldier83 » Sat Jun 04, 2011 9:14

I'm going to have to try and make this if I can!

Did something similar last year up at Georgetown Lake ice racing (in my old STI) with a mirrored course and it was a blast!
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Postby christi » Sat Jun 04, 2011 9:14

Wont be going.... I was going to go with the RX-7 but she's not running, and I'm just too poor, lol. Good luck guys.
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Randy Hickman
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Postby Randy Hickman » Mon Jun 06, 2011 9:14

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Postby jamiel » Tue Jun 07, 2011 9:14

Quoting a local racing luminary on reasons to enter the ProSolo:

"3. Value! You'll get 12 runs, MINIMUM at a ProSolo. Registration is $99.00, whereas a Front Range event is $40. You'll likely get 4 runs at Front Range, so a Pro is actually CHEAPER than 12 RMSolo runs. You'll get an awesome course, 4 runs in the morning, 4 more in the afternoon, then 4 MORE on Sunday morning - the same course - giving you a whole evening to discuss, review data/video, think, plot, plan and scheme. That's a HUGE bonus - how many times have you done your 4 runs and thought "I wish I had another crack at that course?" ProSolos fix that. On top of the 12 runs you automatically get, there's a Ladies' Challenge AND a Bonus Challenge (randomly picked lottery challenge) - if you get into a challenge, you get at LEAST two MORE runs, head to head, and if you win, two more and two more and two more....there are LOTS of opportunities for seat time at a Pro.

2. Head-to-head competition! Ever wonder how much faster/slower your nemesis' car is? Find out at the Pro - legal stoplight war! It does not seem possible, but you can actually look over to the other course and get an idea of where your competitor is in relation to you. It adds a whole new dynamic to the game.

1. PROS ARE WAY, WAY FUN!!!!!!!"

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Postby bellalyssa » Tue Jun 07, 2011 9:14

Come on!!! Sign up peeps!
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Postby jamiel » Wed Jun 22, 2011 9:14

Entry fee for the Pro Solo increases Friday..
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Postby High Flying 8 » Wed Jun 22, 2011 9:14

We need a couple of more cars in C Stock to fill the class. It is great fun with great people. Lyssa is going to co-drive my RX-8, so we need just one more to fill the class minimum.

It will be fun just to see her pilot this car around the course!

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