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A new Tire Source

Postby G-Man » Wed Dec 12, 2012 9:14

Folks in the Boulder area have sadly noticed the departure of The Tire Source, which was a fantastic resource for great advice, prices, and service on all manner of wheels, tires, and alignments. They were especially popular with autocrossers and road racers and drew clients from everywhere, including cars from The Colorado Grand.

Now, some excellent news for folks in the northern Front Range: A great local race prep shop is offering competition and race tire service in Loveland. Best of all, the new shop has the blessing and encouragement of Pete from original The Tire Source!

The shop is SCR Performance, respected and highly-capable of any race and performance work. Owner Mark Baer and many of his staff are often on the podiums for autocross and road race.

More info here: http://www.scrperformance.com/news/tires.shtml

With any luck, SCR will get the original "Thank you" photos from the wall of the original Tire Source and the cycle will continue.

Note: I'm not sponsored by SCR, and I'm hardly even a customer. But I know a great shop and encourage you to check them out.

Bring some Mazda's up there and help them learn why "BMW" really stands for "Blocking My Way!"

You can probably still get great deals on whatever's left at the original Tire Source's website, http://www.tireseller.net.

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Postby speedjunkie » Wed Dec 12, 2012 9:14

Sweet! Thanks for the heads up!

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