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Postby GR-8 » Wed Dec 24, 2014 9:14

Shadowden wrote:I am pretty sure the vinyl will stick to plasti dip, but I think that I would wrap the car, tape off along the edge of the vinyl, then plastidip as opposed to trying to stick the vinyl to the plastidip. The nice things about plastidip are that it can be remove without affecting the vinyl, and could probably be matched to the vinyl.

LMAO! I was sitting here at work and thought to do not that way instead. Decided to hop on and see if there were any responses.


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Postby geo2maz » Thu Dec 25, 2014 9:14

Huzer wrote:Interesting thought, color match the dip, then it's reversible, too. Hmm, this has potential. For door jambs, trunk, that would work. What's the heat resistance on dip for underhood, though.

Its very heat resistant, some people dip their exhausts. Some people have said though, that if dip is baked at like 450 degrees, it becomes harder to peel. At the worst, just dip over it again if you need to change it up.

I would do vinyl over the hood, slightly wrapping under the hood like 1/4 inch, then dip under the hood overlapping a little bit of that vinyl.
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